Saturday, December 03, 2005

Small things big impacts

Dear All,

We all like to do big things in life and achieve great success. Its said that behind one rich person there are many who becomes bankrupt. Take some of the real life scenario and then think of a moment how precious and big these small things are and how big difference it can make:

1. Smile is shortest distance between two person being unknown.

2. Harder and wind blows, higher the kite flies.

3. The distance between what you dream and accomplish never been shorter.

4. Be generous to slow drive and person who called in the wrong number.

5. Respond positively and nicely to tele sales executive...who just earns small sales and his/her job may today end if she is not able to make few successful sales calls.

6. There are whole family, relatives and social circle behind your success.

7. You are great because you live in good environment. Your wife/family makes good and delightful food for you to start day with good feeling.

8. People are having problem waking up at 6:00 in the morning as they do not see anything new happening during the day. Remember the day when you need to attend morning prayer or catch airplane to travel to your favorite destination or going to meet someone whom you love. You will wake up right in time.

I will keep on adding more such experineces and would like all of you to add your post here that has created significant impact or positive thoughts to you or your associates.

Welcome to the wonderful world of small things.....

Ishwar Jha